Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Which of These Preached the Gospel?

At a recent campus outreach in Texas, Lauren overheard a student named Sarah* admit to a pastor that she had an abortion. He immediately responded, “So, you know that that was murder, right? I used to be promiscuous too, but then I found Jesus. You need Jesus.”

Sarah told him that she wanted nothing to do with Christianity. “My parents are pastors. I’ve heard all this before.”

Lauren gently intervened saying, “I heard you say you had an abortion. How are you doing?”

Sarah poured out her heart to Lauren. “I think about [the abortion] everyday. I was 8 weeks pregnant. It was horrible. It was the most excruciating pain of my life for 24 hours; I had blood clots the size of my fist. I was so alone. My parents were getting a divorce, so my mom wasn't home and my dad ignored me. Plus they wouldn't let me see my boyfriend. So there I was, in intense pain, and completely alone.”

Listening brought Lauren close to tears. She asked Sarah if she would like to speak with women at a nearby resource table who had also experienced abortion. Sarah said she would. Lauren escorted her to the table and introduced her.

After learning about Sarah’s abortion, the woman behind the table sternly warned her, “I had an abortion too. Until you repent and turn to Jesus you’ll never recover!”

Sarah was visibly upset. She walked away, leaving the literature the woman offered her on the table. “That was not very helpful.” She said.

Lauren asked more questions and listened. Sarah wanted to be a mom but had heard that after abortion she might not be able to get pregnant again. She looked to her counselor for guidance, but her counselor was the one who first recommended the abortion.

“Sarah, I know that you don't really want anything to do with all of the religious stuff you’ve heard about today, but could I pray for you?” Sarah said that she would actually really like that.

Lauren prayed that God would heal Sarah and bring other people into her life who could help her. She prayed that God would bless Sarah with a husband who loves her and that she could have more children.

Afterwards, Sarah gave Lauren a very long hug. She kept thanking Lauren for her compassion. She gave Lauren her email address and phone number. They’ve been writing to each other since.

Afterwards Lauren expressed concern to me that she had not actually shared “the gospel” with Sarah. How would you answer her concern?

*Name changed for privacy

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  1. I think the gospel in its simplest form is love. Lauren demonstrated Christ's love to Sarah in a way that she could receive at this point in her life. I think Lauren shared with her exactly what she needed. Obviously, Sarah had been "exposed" to the story. She just hasn't experienced His love.

    Claire R.