Friday, May 15, 2009

Training One to Win One

Empowering students like Tony George to reach and teach his peers about abortion is ground zero for Justice For All (JFA).

Click here to read why Tony's leaving his home in Colorado today to join JFA's 2009 May Mission to California for two weeks.

Equipping 14 year-old students like Amanda Coles with life changing/saving skills and opportunities to teach others is job one at JFA.

Amanda is traveling all day by train from California's central coast to join JFA's outreach at the University of California-San Diego. (Actually with students like Amanda, all JFA does is give her parents, Jim and Kimberly, a field trip in which they can further the remarkable training they're giving all 6 six of their children!)

Providing mentorships via internships for college students like Lauren Harrast and Matt McKinley is JFA's best hope for growing future pro-life leaders who are compassionate, bold and winsome ambassadors for Christ.

Lauren left yesterday for southern California to participate in the last training/outreach event of her spring 2009 JFA internship. Matt, both a JFA intern and a philosophy major at Wichita State University, departs for CA next week after his last final.

Training next-generation leaders to be ambassadors of Christ in the nitty-gritty issues of life is the overarching mission of JFA. Abortion just happens to be the deadliest injustice in human history.

It's also why JFA's Director of Training, Stephen Wagner, departed Wichita for California yesterday to begin training volunteers for JFA's 2009 May mission at Pasadena City College and UCSD during the next two weeks.

As 30 JFA staff and veteran volunteers converge on southern California this weekend, they will assemble not to protest the actions of a sitting President, but rather to train several hundred like themselves to make abortion unthinkable for future Presidents!

Though you may not be headed to southern California with JFA's 2009 May Mission, your donation of time, treasure and/or talent will be critical in helping make abortion unthinkable for the next generation.

So don't delay -- donate, call (316.683.6426) or write today to find out more about how you can help establish justice for all! More than 3,500 unborn children died today, most of them because either no one cared enough or those around them were not prepared enough to help their parents and families understand the truth about abortion.

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