Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet Josh - JFA's Newest World Changer

"If you could help thousands of people rethink their view on abortion, would you?"

That was the question for JFA's newest intern, Josh Pedrick (left in picture right). Josh is the youngest sibling of Rebeccah (Pedrick) Wagner, who herself was once a JFA intern and staffer AND is now married to JFA's Director of Training, Steve Wagner.

We're going next-generational at JFA with Josh's internship!

Josh has previously joined JFA for 3 training events - the first time as a 15 year old. Now 3 years later as an 18 year old, Josh reflects:

"JFA taught me how to dialogue with students, reveal truth, and still show gentleness and respect. The training experiences I've had with JFA have truly been life-changing."

Josh shares that a conversation he had at age 15 at North Texas ended with the college student saying: “Before this conversation [with you] I hadn’t given much thought to abortion. But after looking at this [exhibit] I can see abortion is wrong.”

After which Josh said, "This conversation made a tremendous showed me that I could make a difference in people’s hearts."

His willingness to do anything and everything we've asked and to do it with enthusiasm and charity is indeed a special addition to our team.

We covet your prayers and continued support as we head to Colorado next month!

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