Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trained to listen and pray!

Fifty high school students took part in JFA's seat work (4.5 hour seminar) of which forty volunteered for the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) outreach (feet work) in early April.

Below is an excerpted reflection by Shelbi Launer, a Dayspring Christian Academy senior.
"I don’t consider myself a great speaker, but during the outreach at UNC last week, I didn’t need to be a great speaker in order to impact someone’s life.

I discovered that just praying can make an impact. I prayed that those viewing and discussing the Exhibit would see the love God has for both them and the unborn babies.

I continually prayed for those who seemed broken and hard-hearted. It made me sad to see all the hate and resentment.

Although the JFA Exhibit speaks loudly about abortion, those who represent JFA do not. I was amazed at how calm the JFA staff and volunteers were and how they portrayed God’s love through their speech. They showed me how to be passionate but also respectful.

On the way to UNC campus I was really nervous and worried -- about what to say and how to approach viewers. I was scared I was going to make a mistake. What I didn’t think about enough was helping others, and showing them God’s love.

I would like to participate in another Justice For All outreach. I had a great time listening to conversations and praying for each person.

Next time I also want to engage people to help them understand the truth about abortion."

-- Shelbi Launer, Senior, Dayspring Christian Academy, Greeley, Colorado
Your prayerful support helps train tomorrow's leaders (like Shelbi) today to listen and to pray as they give their time and talent on behalf of those without a voice.

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