Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Semper Fi

I met John, a Marine, at our “Should This Exhibit Return Next Year?” poll table at the University of North Texas outreach the first week of November 2010. He had recently returned from Afghanistan.

Standing near the poll table in order to talk with participants, I asked John why he had signed the "YES" side indicating he wanted the Exhibit to return.

“It’s wrong to kill innocent babies,” he answered. “And this seems like a really effective way to say that.”

When I asked John if he’d would be willing to get involved in the pro-life club on campus, he said he didn’t see the point since he already believed in our mission.

“John, let’s assume people believe in the mission you just returned from doing. If we send them to Afghanistan to do the mission but don’t train them before sending them, what will happen?”

"They will die,” John quickly shot back.

“What if we train someone to do the mission but never send them to do it?” I asked.

“Be a waste of time,” he said without hesitation.

“Plus the people you were sent to protect would die?” I asked.

“That’s right,” he affirmed.

Looking at the Exhibit, we both fell silent.

In less than half a minute, John added, “I got it. You want me to get trained to help save lives.”

I nodded yes. I loved not only the efficiency of our conversation, but his follow-up response:

“When does the pro-life club meet?”

Lives depend on training the next generation. Don’t neglect your own training.

Consider participating in a 2011 JFA training event. Make it a personal missions trip. Bring a friend or family member.

You (and they) will never forget it. Neither will those you learn to engage.

Neither will those whose lives are saved.

Semper Fi.

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