Friday, February 25, 2011

Saving Sarah and Her Baby

Tuesday Morning, Wichita (KS) - David
As my two youngest boys (10 & 11 years of age) sat in the truck waiting, they found two JFA Exhibit brochures. Each began a journey through its pages.  As I entered the truck and saw what they were doing, I was initially shocked to see them viewing the abortion pictures of the Exhibit (warning - very graphic). My shock quickly turned to amazement as they asked questions and reflected on my answers.

"Are these pictures of aborted babies?" "Who does this?" "Why?" "That's just wrong." "It's awful."

Tuesday, Ventura County (CA) - Regina to Catherine
At first I felt funny standing outside the Planned Parenthood clinic by myself...I thought, “Ok Lord. You got me here, please guide me.”

Shortly thereafter a young woman walked up to me and asked to use my phone. She made her call while standing right next to me and said, “They won’t do [the abortion] today. They said ‘cause I ate they can’t put me under. It could kill me….I don’t care. I’m 13 weeks and I want it done. I’ll come back tomorrow at 8:30(a.m.) on the train to get it done.”

Thoughts in my head were racing. “O, dear Lord please, what do I say?”

She gave me back the phone and walked off. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t respond. She was angry. I feared nothing I could say at that moment would have changed her mind.

I did have one thing. The phone number she had called. It was in my phone. Whomever the number belonged to, she trusted them enough to know where and what she planned to do.

I went home and after much prayer, research, a few phone calls (one to my friend Catherine at Justice For All), and beginning a prayer chain, I knew I had to call that number.

A female voice picked up. I told her that I had some information to share if she or her friend would be willing to listen. The conversation didn’t last long - she briefly listened but then hung up on me.

I called back. “I care about Sarah and her Baby. I want you to know that there are people that want to help Sarah and her Baby.” Again the conversation didn’t last long before she hung up on me.

I sent a text message. "Please help Sarah be completely informed. Go to You can call Jane at the Pregnancy Help Center xxx-xxx-xxxx or you can call me.”  No return text.

Tuesday Noon - Catherine to David
"One of my best friends just called to ask what she should do - should she call the number in her phone?" The JFA office staff gathered to pray for Sarah and her Baby and for Regina and the number in her phone. We notified the field staff by email.

Wednesday Morning - David
I told my wife and boys about Sarah and her baby - both boys individually prayed for them. Abortion was now more than a word for them.

Wednesday - Regina to Catherine
I was at the abortion clinic by 7:30 am. I wanted to see a miracle. I wanted to stand there and be happy that I didn’t see anyone resembling Sarah go in to the clinic. I wanted to report back to everyone that our prayers had been answered. I wanted to share that we had saved a precious little one.

My heart sank when I saw Sarah arrive. She and her friend were headed into the clinic. They walked quickly as I walked up to them. All I had time to say was, “Sarah, over 225 people are praying for you and your Baby.”

I stood outside that place and cried. A little while later Sarah’s friend, came out. Turns out that this was the lady Sarah called with my phone and with whom I had spoken on the phone the day before. She was Sarah’s sister. We had a chance to talk but the deed was being done as we spoke.

The Back Story - Regina to Catherine
Sarah's sister shared with me that she aborted twins of her own the previous week! She said Sarah, 19 years old, has mental illness and had been told her baby (13 weeks) has Downs Syndrome (13 weeks is too early to know this with certainty). When I offered to help financially, Sarah's sister said they have all the help they need - they go to church and have plenty of money - but that it was their mother's demand that they have abortions or she wouldn't continue to pay for their phones, cars, and school.

Wednesday Evening - Regina to Catherine
My heart is heavy tonight. I wanted to see the miracle but this morning was a harsh reality. We did not stop Sarah from entering the abortion clinic. We tried but did not save Sarah’s Baby from this tragedy.
I’m very new to this front-line fight on abortion.  Up until yesterday afternoon I could not imagine myself crying over a stranger’s baby. I’ve been crying for Sarah’s Baby today. Our actions do speak louder than words. Our prayers bring all of us together and give us the courage and graces we need to be the voice for our precious little ones in the womb.
The Lord doesn’t give us what we can’t handle, that’s probably why my life lessons have not come easy. I believe the Lord put Sarah and her Baby in my path so that I could feel His pain and sorrow. He had given a beautiful gift to Sarah but she refused to accept it. I am forever changed by this experience. 
This fight is not easy or pretty. Our prayers and unity in this is necessary. I thank God for each of you and your efforts. Thank you for helping me learn what it takes to try and save a baby like Sarah’s... I am forever changed by this experience. I will always remember the sorrow I feel today. I can now accept the challenge of being a bold and active voice for these little ones with a completely open heart.

Wednesday Evening - David
I suspect the timing of the boys seeing abortion and then hearing about a situation in which it was about to occur was not happenstance. Yet I haven't been able to muster the courage to tell the boys what happened to Sarah and her baby today after their prayers. Maybe tomorrow morning.

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