Friday, April 25, 2014

"Mom, Dad, I've got some questions..."

JFA's 3 Essential Skills are at the heart of our training program. The even better news is that using them will help make conversations on just about anything be more productive.

If you've ever attended a JFA "Seat Work" seminar, recall our 3 Essential Skills' promise: use them with anyone, anywhere, on any topic, anytime and you'll experience a better conversation every time!


I've even tried using them at home. My wife said she liked it; that I should try it again, maybe even try it with the kids - we still have 5 teens under our roof!

Speaking of teens, it could be hazardous to parents (at least to their bank account) if teens learn to use our 3 Essentials Skills. Imagine the following dialogue between a teen and his or her parents:
T (teen): Mom, dad, do you have a few minutes to talk? I have some questions.
P (parent): (speechless - but almost immediately dad has a mental choke-hold on his's mouth is stuck in the open position...and enterprising siblings listening in are tweeting a betting line to their friends.)
T: (sympathetically as the teen senses distress in his or her parents' face) Now mom and dad, please relax, I want you to know ahead of time that no matter how you answer my questions I will listen with the intent to understand and not to argue.
P: (still speechless - dad now has two hands around his has decided to sit down...and all except zombie siblings have migrated off to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2.) 
T: (now fearing possible cardiac arrest for one or both parents) And I promise you, mom and dad, no matter how you answer my questions, I will try my best to find common ground with you.
P: (turning to their spouse or other children if present) What have you done with [son/daughter's name]? Who is this? What if we don't file a missing persons' report and say we did?!
Because JFA's Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue (ADD) training program is built around Truth AND Love, it is a quality of relationship multiplier (even at home)...and by design equips participants with the power to change hearts and to save parents and their children at risk to abortion.

If you live in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas or Atlanta, JFA's ADD training is coming soon to a city near you. If you live outside of these states, are you going to let a plane ticket or car rental stop you from learning how to change hearts and save lives?!

Click here to register your interest in attending an upcoming JFA training event. Ask a friend to join you.

Click here to help fund an upcoming training event. Tell a friend about our work so that they too can be part of our life-changing and life-saving team!

No matter which side of the start-a-conversation-about-abortion spectrum you're on (read quotes from Julia or Becca below), we have a mentor and the training ready to help you move to the next level.

I am not one to just go...begin dialogue with strangers about...abortion... I wanted to change their minds—their hearts...but I didn’t know how. My confidence was missing, and the fear of failure used to hold me back when opportunities arose...but the Justice For All [training] literally changed my life!
Julia Reiss
Joshua Leadership Institute
August 2013
“I learned to value [fellow students] as human beings, not just to wait to talk but to listen to what they are saying, to listen to their hearts. I learned to find common ground so they don't feel attacked or ignored. Basically, I learned how to communicate.”
Becca Kohl
StudentsFor Life Club President
March 2014

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