Monday, August 31, 2009

When Less Becomes More...

Have you heard? Charitable giving is down.

It's true. And like many charities, JFA has felt the economic punch.

So when Michael Pluimer offered to enter JFA in the Janus Charity Challenge of the Ford Ironman in Louisville this past Sunday (August 30), I almost didn't do it. But Mike was persistent.

Earlier this summer he had sponsored JFA at Ironman Coeur D'Alene (CDA-June) and won JFA a 3rd place award ($6,000) in the Janus Charity Challenge competition. JFA's list of Janus approved donations for the CDA event totaled over $200,000.

Bob Seemuth, JFA's first ever Ironman sponsor, helped JFA take 3rd place at Ironman Louisville last year (Bob's final Ironman?) with Janus approved donations totaling over $200,000.

So with barely $72,000 of Janus approved donations for this year's Ironman Louisville, I wasn't pressing to get Mike our Janus' approved donor list. Did I mention that Mike was persistent?

On Thursday he emailed to say he thought we had a good chance of winning something, if only one of the $750 or $500 prizes (6th through 52nd place ) awarded to the highest charitable donation finishers.

So when Mike phoned Saturday afternoon to tell me that there were only 30 charities sponsored in a triathlete field of more than 3,000 (normally only about 2000 compete), my spirits revived. There's normally at least a hundred charities competing in the Janus Charity Challenge at each Ford Ironman.

But remember, giving is down.

The net impact of the economic downturn at Sunday's race?
Those counted least among us received the most! JFA donors and Mike joined forces to win the 1st place Janus Charity Challenge prize of $10,000 on behalf of unwanted unborn babies!

In the hands of God, less can became more! (2 Corinthians 12.9)

So if you're one of JFA's donors that has given permission for your gifts to count toward Janus Charity Challenge events,
your gifts grew by 14% this past Sunday!

Thanks Mike, not only for training your body and enduring a grueling day on behalf of families at risk to abortion, but for your spirit to give more when so many are said to be giving less. Thanks also to Heather, Mike's wife, and their children for giving more to support Mike.

Thanks JFA donors, not only for your partnership in training the next generation to be pro-life in their actions, but for your spirit to multiply your gifts through the Janus Charity Challenge at Ford Ironman competitions.

If you want to make the most of your gifts to JFA and have them count toward Janus Charity Challenge competitions, simply email with "
Put me on JFA's Ironman Team!" in the subject line of an email, put the same text in the memo field of your check, or put the same in the memo field for online gifts.

Then no matter the amount of your gift, by God's grace, it can become more! Because in His hand, less always becomes more.

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