Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A decade ago we would have measured success primarily by how many people actually saw the JFA Campus Exhibit and by how many children and families we influenced away from abortion.

We still occasionally do non-statistical surveys during JFA Exhibits. Before our shift to a training organization, we did them to gauge how many actually see the Exhibit on their campus, or at least hear about it. Surprisingly, we found that about 75% of those surveyed typically say that they have either seen the Exhibit or heard about it. And about 75% of those respondents give a fairly accurate response when asked what is the principle message of the Exhibit.

Last week at the University of Kansas (KU), our JFA staff and volunteers set their sights on impacting a potential of 30,000 students, faculty and staff.

For those who didn't see the Exhibit in person at KU last week, they needed only to pick up the Tuesday edition of the University Daily Kansan, KU's campus newspaper. It featured a front page above-the-fold photo and story,"Face to Face with Abortion."

Now even more critical to success for JFA is the 125 who attended JFA's 4.5 hour seminar in preparation for last week's KU outreach--part I or seat work training--and especially the 75 who participated in at least one day of the 3-day outreach at KU (part II or feet work training).

That's because more than ever we spell success by the number of life-changing conversations (Divine appointments) that the JFA staff and volunteers have with individual students and faculty over a 2 or 3-day outreach. We estimate at least 1,000 of such individual conversations took place at KU last week.

Now volunteers do campus surveys as a mobile kiosk that helps them implement and practice their training. For many volunteers like Nicole, it becomes their favorite one-on-one dialogue tool. With 10 or 15 teams of 2 surveyors per team, it's easy to create several hundred conversations in just a few hours. Surveys require virtually no set up and function as a next-step tool that volunteers can use in their own world after the Exhibit training event.

In summary, JFA's return on investment is now measured by:

  1. How many JFA staff and volunteers left the outreach venue better equipped to engage their culture as ambassadors of Christ—for years beyond; and
  2. What each JFA staff and volunteer does after the Exhibit outreach (kind of like yards gained after the catch in football parlance).

Join us in praying that each volunteer trained will reach out to others after their outreach baptism--like Jinny did after the May California outreach. In case you've been praying for her, here's a portion of the email she received last week from her abortion-minded friend, Amanda (not her real name):

"Hey Jinny. ...I wanted to tell u sorry if I was a little harsh on you...I know that you were trying to help…Anyways I think I'm keeping the baby! I'll keep you updated and send you pics when the little one is born.... I realized that I would probably regret killing it but I would never regret my baby…Yes please keep praying for us!"

Jinny used her JFA training to help make abortion real to Amanda. That’s bottom line success with an unexpected bonus on investment for years to come!

Take advantage of a JFA training opportunity yet this fall or next spring. Improve your ambassadorial skills for Christ and for the unwanted unborn who continue to have no voice in our culture.

Become part of the success that for JFA equals thousands trained (like Jinny) who work to make abortion unthinkable for millions, one person (like Amanda) at a time.

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  1. David - is there a way to scale your efforts by creating an on-line component to provide the foundation material, thus freeing up instructors to cover/provide more face to face time?

    I worked with Steve Wagner a couple of years ago after he gave a local pregnancy center speech and learned the basics, but I believe the seat work portion could be be put on-line. I'm curious to what you and Steve would think of such a possibility.