Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dumb About Abortion

Students "...smart enough to meet entrance requirements..." but dumb about abortion was essence of the antilogy observed by Leslie Cumiford in a recent The New Mexico Breeze article highlighting Justice For All’s fall 2009 outreach at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

Consider Julie, a pre-med UNM junior who scolded me at the “Should This Exhibit Return Next Year” poll table with “Why don’t you redirect your efforts to accomplish something beneficial to mankind?”

Her assumption?

Unborn humans are either not full members of the human community, or if they are, they’re certainly not as valuable as needy born humans.

How indeed can students like Julie successfully test into our institutions of higher learning, but seriously fail a pop quiz about abortion? (Warning: link contains graphic abortion image)

Answer: Bad leadership and a cover-up of unparalleled proportion.

The Cover-up. Over 100,000 unwanted, unborn children on planet Earth are violently killed each and every day - 24/7 (about 3,500 daily in the U.S.).[1]

Do the Google or LexisNexis search. Not a single article in a single newspaper in a single country decried yesterday's violence against 100K unborn humans. Or the day before. Or tomorrow’s.

Why not?

Bad Leadership. Leaders we would expect to expose such evil by instructing those for whom they have oversight are instead relatively silent.

And the truth is few in America's pews want their peace disturbed.

In large part because the majority of those so weekly seated have either participated in an abortion, love someone who has, or want to preserve a future "choice."

The Net Result. Those who could and should be better instructed (born children) enter adolescence completely unprepared for the evil they themselves are vulnerable to experience.

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