Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homeless Not Helpless - Pt. 3 Repeat Work

Dear JFA,

I know I already shared with you Christina's story, but I'd like to summarize some of it again since my heart is overflowing with joy at the ending. (Christina's name has been changed for privacy.)

I first contacted JFA on 10/23/10 asking for prayer support for a homeless woman named Christina. Christina lived in a local motel and had attended a church event where I met her. She told me that day that she was about 4 months pregnant with her 10th child.

Christina had had 7 children and 2 abortions; the first abortion when she was only 14 years old, after she was raped by a family member. All 7 of her living children were removed from her care.

told me [the day of the church event] that she had an abortion scheduled for the coming week. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her.

I used my JFA training to talk to her about her pregnancy and about her decision to abort the baby. I was terrified as she walked out the church doors that day, because I didn't know if I had loved her enough, said the right things, or prayed hard enough to save the life inside of her.

Weeks later, Christina had cancelled her abortion appointment, but she scheduled another one for the following week. I took her shopping for some clothes that fit and to dinner one night, and I prayed without ceasing for the baby.

called me the day after her 2nd appointment for an abortion and told me that the place she went "wouldn't do it." I nearly cried. Later that week, Christina disappeared.

As it turns out, Christina had gone to prison, and I had no idea whether or not her baby was still alive. I prayed that God would intervene over and over for Christina and for her unborn child.

Fast forward to the beginning of June. My church held an annual baby shower for single moms, teen moms, and underprivileged moms in our area. Christina's name was on the register... and she would be bringing her nearly 3 month old baby girl! I was overjoyed! The baby's father had legal custody, so he would be bringing Christina and the baby.

When Christina arrived for the church event, and I looked into her child's precious, innocent, peaceful face... my heart exploded with relief and such overwhelming joy. I took baby Esther (name changed for privacy) out of her car seat and cradled her in my arms.

This baby was here, in part, because of me. I laid Esther on my chest, and her heart beat right next to mine. It was my birthday that day, and God couldn't have given me a better present.

was born March 8th, 2011 weighing 6 pounds. Though Christina was not in good health when the baby came, Esther was 100% perfect. I was holding a breathing, sweet smelling, tiny miracle in my arms, and I didn't know how I'd ever put her down again.

Of course I'm tearing up writing this because remembering the moment when I saw is so precious to me. Justice For All has changed my life, and you've helped me save Esther's life too. I don't know how to begin to thank you for your training and for your support. I knew you'd help me lift up Christina in prayer, and now I know you'll celebrate with me because Esther is here with us.

I was SO excited to write to you! You guys are the best.

(Editor's note: Read Homeless Not Helpless Pt. 1 here and Part 2 here. Nicole was one of the Focus Leadership Institute student volunteers at our Fall 2006 Colorado State University outreach. Read her Reflection of that life-changing experience. Check out JFA's website description of our "Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue" training program.)

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