Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Door Opens in Nepal

JFA staffer Jacob Burow recently met Kacie,* the daughter of Nepal missionaries. She was on her way back to Nepal to teach students and adults about abortion. Below is her shortened post-trip report:
"Thank you for your prayers during my time in Nepal! My trip was a huge success... . JFA's Exhibit brochures were a huge hit! Everyone wanted to take them home.

You were so right! I should have taken more. But I can mail them more and my dad can take a lot with him when he goes back in October. Is there a way I can buy more or ask Justice for All to donate them?

There is a small grassroots pro-life movement starting [in Nepal]. While there, I was able to speak to two youth groups about abortion."
Kacie has real passion for training people in Nepal about abortion and to help the fledgling pro-life movement in Nepal have the best materials and the best training possible. Back to her report:
"We visited churches in Banepa, Nala, Dolagat, Melanchi, and many other villages, speaking to 10 churches altogether. These groups varied in size from 30 to 100 people. We had all ages from youth to elderly women... .

I also spoke in some classes at 2 different high schools. Surprisingly, many children were interested and they especially enjoyed the pictures and models. One of the schools also had some visiting Australian teachers who listened to my [presentation]."
We hope to train Kacie this fall to take back more than just our materials to Nepal!

The bottom line is that your support is helping us train tomorrow's leaders today! Please consider making a special gift to help train students like Kacie to not only take JFA materials into countries like Nepal, but also be trained to train others - around the world!

*Her name has been changed for privacy.

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