Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The WE in Growth at JFA

As WE began our fall 2009 training season, WE had one person who could facilitate JFA’s seat work to feet work training. Two years later, WE have four. By Christmas, Lord willing, WE’LL have 6.

In 2009 WE sent six JFA staff to begin our training partnership with Right to Life of Central California (RLCC – Fresno). This past week, two years later, one JFA staff person, Catherine Wurts, was in Fresno facilitating RLCC training events, assisted by 5 trained RLCC mentors!

In 2009, our by-invitation-only Training Certification Program was but a dream in the mind of JFA's Director of Training, Steve Wagner. Two years later, WE have 34 people enrolled, 20 of whom are completing weekly certification activities.

In 2009, JFA’s mentoring program focused primarily upon our seminar event. Today a ratio of one JFA certified mentor to 8 trainees (max of 10) permeates almost every part of JFA training: from seat to feet to repeat work.

In March 2009, WE trained students and adults in Georgia. In March 2012, WE’RE tentatively scheduled not only to train again in Georgia, but also in Connecticut (Yale), Michigan (UofM), Texas (San Antonio), Nebraska (UNL) and Kansas (Benedictine).

This kind of growth is NOT possible without your financial partnership. That’s why I’ve put “WE” in caps throughout this report of thanks. The years keep roll by at breakneck speed! It’s your support that’s made the difference.

Please join in giving special thanks to both OUR experienced and new “team” members in Lawrence, at the University of Kansas (KU) and Benedictine College. Last week WE fielded a team of about 60 for the KU outreach. On Tuesday Jules, a KU coed, took a step back from the Exhibit to say,
"I'm 2 months pregnant. All my friends are telling me to get an abortion; that this baby (pointing to her womb) will ruin my life.”
Then pointing at side one, panel 4 she continued,
“I think I’ll take a picture of that aborted baby on my phone right now, send it to my friends and ask, 'Is THIS what you want me to do to my baby?'" --Jules, University of Kansas student, Sept 12, 2011 (name changed for privacy)
We thank God and you for your continued support!

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