Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Wake up! We're Going to War!"

Earlier this fall I got to mentor one of six training groups at Heritage Christian Academy (HCA) in Ft. Collins, CO. I needed an ice breaker that day for my small group of six students, so I asked:

"Where were you on 9/11?"

Despite these students being only five or six years old in 2001, THEY REMEMBER.

“I was only five years old,” answered Christy. “My mom came upstairs to my room. I was still asleep. She shook my arm and shouted, ‘Wake up! Come downstairs. We’re going to war!’”

After we had all had a good laugh, I asked her, “Do you think your mom overreacted?” Briefly hesitating, she answered, “I guess not, because all those people died that day.”

“How many died?” I asked, looking at each face in the group. Their spirits had quickly sobered.

“About 3,000, I think,” offered a student named Ryan. “It’s been all over the news this past month.”

“You’re right, nearly 3,000 died that day. That’s 600 more than died during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. And we did go to war!”

On 9/11 Christy’s mom woke her daughter to help DO something to stop the killing of innocent people. There was urgency in her voice and in her actions that day.

On this day forty HCA students were awakened to what they can DO to help stop the killing of innocent unborn children. Some even felt that same urgency that Christy's mom felt on 9/11.

Every day is a 9/11 for unborn children – about 3,500 will die in the U.S. on the day you read this.

We remember where we were on 9/11. Why won’t most remember where they were or what they were doing even a week ago when 3,500 children died?

At the end of the day I asked Christy if she would go home, shake her mom’s arm, and say, “Mom! Wake up! We’re going to war!”

If you're reading this, I'm fairly confident that you are already awake to the abortion tragedy. If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to join with us to fight for the hearts, the minds, and the babies of the next generation.

Here's some key ways how you could use your time, treasure and/or talent to make a difference:

  • Learn to start gracious but persuasive conversations about abortion. How? Take a missions trip to a JFA training event. Almost all of our training events are designed with you in mind! (contact
  • Financially support one or more of our training events - we held 40 "Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue" seminars (seat work) and 38 corresponding university campus outreaches (feet work). Donate Here.
  • Request and be accepted into JFA's training certification track designed to help you learn to train others to change hearts and save lives. (contact
  • Join JFA's part or full-time intern team which will put you on a VERY fast training certification track! (contact

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